"I Love" Sundays v.79

Hello Dreamers!!

Happy Sunday to you all.

** I finished 3 pocket letters this week while Lee was gone. Now I just need to write the letters and then mail them off. I am pretty excited about swapping pocket letters with some of the most creative ladies I have the fortune of "knowing" through the internet.

Random question: are you guys enjoying my crafting posts here on the blog? 

** Lee came home from the field on Thursday (yay!). It was a super rainy week where we live so I felt really bad for him having to be out in the field all week.

** I started and pretty much finished the show Quantico on Netflix! While the show is a little confusing because it switches between the two timelines, I still really liked it. I can't wait to finish watching it!

** Lee and I bought a new tv yesterday! I am super excited about the new tv. I've had our old one since 2012 and it survived the move to/from Germany. During the move to Germany, because it didn't have an actual shipping box (the movers made one out of cardboard) it was damaged and it had two white lines running down the screen. Lately it has really started to bother us when we're watching tv so we decided to get a new one. Let me just say that this new tv is cheaper then the tv it's replacing.... and it's a 4K tv. It's an off brand, but the quality and sound is amazing. We're pretty sure that we aren't going to need a sound bar like we originally thought.

** We have band practice today, which is something we haven't had in over a month or so. We've had a lot of back to back shows and no time for practice (especially because I was so sick last weekend). They really need the practice time and thankfully we're doing it at Roger and Cheyanne's house, where we are more productive vs. doing it at a friend's music shop. It takes wayyyyy too long to get set up at the shop and by then everyone is so annoyed we hardly get anything done. Thankfully today they got quite a bit done, despite the weather making everyone feel a little slow and sleepy. It's nice to have a productive practice. 

** Now that I have a better camera to take videos with I am working on recording some new crafting videos for YouTube. I am pretty excited about that! Speaking of, have you seen my latest video that I posted on YouTube? Where I show off my first pocket letter I've made and show you how I made my favorite card? If not, you should check it out here!

** I talked to one of my clients briefly today about whether or not she wanted to keep using my virtual assistant services and she didn't even hesitate to tell me yes. YAY! We're talking tomorrow to discuss payment and duration of her using my services, plus another task that she wants me to complete. I love the fact that she didn't even hesitate to say that she wanted to use me again. It makes my heart happy!

.: Little Loves :.

|| Gaterade | Dr. Pepper | Arby's | cuddles | sweet texts | candy corn ||

What are you loving from this past week?

P.S. Another question for you:

What all do you like about this here blog? What keeps bringing you back to read more? Is there a certain topic that you like reading that I share? Is it the pictures? What is it? 

What would you like to see more of?