"I Love" Sundays v.80

Hello friends and Happy Sunday!

It's the 2nd day of October and I am beyond stoked!

** I filmed a video for my YouTube channel about two pocket letters that I received this week! You guys should check it out! Just click on the image below to be taken to the video.

** Lee had to go to the field Tuesday night but he had part of the day off because it was going to be an overnight thing. It was awesome because except for the fact that I had class that evening, we got to spend a lot of time together. I love when we get to do that!

** I created a basic logo for the blog here in Canva.... and I kind of like it ((You can see it in the picture below)). I used the Nightmare Before Christmas font (because I am obsessed of course) and two arrows. I am thinking about a rebranding of my blog by the start of the new year and this is a start. I think I have been talking about it for a while, but it's finally time to get started on it!

** I spent Thursday painting these items after I saw Sabrina Ann's video on her Raskog cart. Mine are obviously different colors because I did not want to copy her completely, but she definitely inspires me!

** Since Ikea is over 2 hours away from me, it's a little difficult to go shopping there.... and I am not paying for shipping from there either! Which means so shopping at Ikea for me. I've wanted my own Raskog cart from there since I lived in Germany but it was too expensive (it was like 50 euro and the conversion rate is ridiculous) so I never bought one. I decided this year that I needed some kind of cart while I am doing my October Daily just to keep my desk at least somewhat organized. So while I was at Target I decided to check their home storage section and came across this cart that is a perfect substitute for the Raskog until I find my way there some day.

** Lee and I went to dinner Wednesday night after he came out of the field. We went to this Japanese hibachi and steak house that we love and it was crazy! There was just so much food! 

While we were there it started pouring.... and it didn't stop for 14 hours.... and it was LOUD and crazy. I accidentally left my two back windows cracked, but it was a blessing that my car wasn't flooded. At least it didn't appear to be flooded Thursday morning when I had to leave for an appointment. Our town isn't used to a rain like this so the schools were closed on Thursday (and Friday which we found out later) and Lee got out of work early on Thursday and a late work call on Friday. There was actually some flooding and some sink holes appeared throughout town. That part is crappy!

** I am just happy that October is finally here and we can start celebrating my favorite time of year!

** I recorded another video yesterday about the start of my October Daily, a quick look at my craft space and my supplies for the month, as well as a look at my October Daily Cart. You can watch the video by clicking on the photo below.

** We had a show last night back at our usual spot. The headlining band was interesting because they are a metal-ish band from Brazil.... it was an interesting band. We've become friends with the promoters girlfriend (he's been on tour driving a bus for some Magic mike kind of thing so she runs his shows for him) and she made the comment that the lead singer looked like a younger Heath Ledger, especially with the jacket that he was wearing at the time. It was quite comical. The boys made friends with their band and we will probably see them again.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving this past week?