2018 December Memories Album

Happy Tuesday Dearest Dreamers!

I hope that this post finds you well. I know we’re already 11 days in to the month of December and I haven’t shared anything with you regarding my annual December Daily album. This is odd for me because I am usually on top of the ball game and ready to go!

Unfortunately I don’t seem to have much of the December spirit this year. We haven’t even decorated the house yet… which is usually done on Black Friday or the weekend following Thanksgiving. Life has been super stressful this year and I think that is why I don’t have much of a holiday spirit.

That being said, I DID purchase a kit from Ali Edwards this year that I plan on using. I purchased the red 6X8 album, Ali’s main kit, and the digital version of the mini kit.

The Dreamer Creative 2018 December Memories.JPG

I will also be using some stuff from past December Daily kits that are in my stash.

So why am I calling it a December Memories album instead of a December Daily album? This year we do not have a lot of holiday related things planned, therefore I am not working on this album daily. It won’t be a collection of daily activities, rather a collection of 25 stories from throughout the month, not date specific (did that sound redundant to anyone else?).

I am keeping a list in my bullet journal of each of the stories that I want to tell. I am also keeping this album holiday specific and everything else will go into my 2018 Annual Project Life album.

I will hopefully have some content related to this album posted here and on my YouTube channel soon. Maybe I will start with a walkthrough of my supplies, maybe it will help me get in to the holiday spirit. I’m just ready for it to be a new year and for things to be less stressful!

Are you doing a December Memories or December Daily album? Post in the comments below to let me know! Make sure you share a link so I can check out your stuff!

Until Next Time

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