5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Things About Winter

Hello all and Happy Friday from a freezing cold Hampton, Virginia!
Spent today walking around Colonel Williamsburg, which was kinda awesome.

Last week I stumbled upon a Google+ group called Female Geek Bloggers and fell in love with the community there. Every friday they do this thing called 5 Fandom Friday and this is my first time participating. Check out The Nerdy Girlie for more information, she is one of the ladies who started it!

Today's topic is 5 Favorite Things about Winter.

1. Warm Blankets- I absolutely dislike, borderline hate being cold. It doesn't help that I already can't regulate my body temperature well anymore, so being cold is no fun.... I do a full body shiver and am pretty useless at that point. I love curling up under warm blankets.

2. Cuddles- even better then warm blankets are warm blankets and cuddles with that someone special. :) Absolutely FAVORITE thing. Especially since I've been here in Virginia.

A photo I took Feb 2014 behind my barracks building
J.L. McClure Photography
3. Hot chocolate- My favorite warm beverage. When I visited my older brother in Massachusetts when I was 16, we went to this little hot chocolate place that introduced me to adding whipped cream, white chocolate pieces, and chocolate syrup.... can we say yum?!?!?! Like super yum! There is also a kind that I found at Walmart while I lived at Fort Bragg that has a flavor of hot chocolate called Arctic White (I think it's like Land o' Lakes or something like that, but I won't know until I get home to check).

4. Scarves- Whoever came up with the idea of scarves is an absolute genius. These things have become super wonderful in my life, haha. I have two infinity scarves and a pretty silver one that is a regular scarf. I love them!

5. Decorations- To me, living in Texas and Florida until I was 18, Winter season correlated directly with Christmas and decorations. I love seeing the pretty lights and the creative way people decorate their homes to celebrate the holiday season.  I love that stuff!

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