"I Love" Sunday's v.12

Happy Monday dear friends. This post is obviously a day late but that was because I spent yesterday traveling back to Germany (insert sad face here.... I don't want to go back). Vacation was a blast and was definitely needed.... I just don't want to go back to real life. I go back to work on Wednesday and roll right into a busy rotation. Welcome to little free time and utter exhaustion. Anywho...

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** Mo took me to this awesome comic book store in his old neighborhood. It's a small store and has been run by the same man for over 20 years! He even remembers Mo and they struck up a long conversation, which was cool. I found a couple of comics (I have to start with the first of a series or else it bugs me!) and am super stoked! Mo and I are building our comic collection, so it's a great start.

 Not to mention that he had a keychain version of my Funko Pop! Adam West era Batman... which I was told I had to get! The best part is that Richard (the owner) has this thing called a Pull Box where he'll put aside comics for you (either ones that come in or ones he special orders for you) and when he has enough to fill a flat rate box, he'll ship them too you. Even to an APO (which is super awesome because some people/places seem to think it's a hassle to ship to an APO when it's really just shipping to a NY address.... cuz that's what it's classified as).

the only difference is the keychain has a batarang

** Went to H&M for the first time. Was a little pricy on some things but I found a new beanie that actually will cover my head when my hair is up AND a new scarf (that wasn't an infinity scarf because that is all I can find in Germany). It's the little things in life I swear!

** Realized that I now own a Batman shirt for at least every day of the week if not more. XD Kinda makes me giggle a little bit. Mo is the same way but with Captain America shirts, so I don't feel bad!

I even have a Batman shaped Harley Quinn shirt to add to my collection

** The only good thing about being home now is Mo and I get two days to ourselves to relax and recoup. Neither of us wants to go to work yet and we're just being super lazy today. Tomorrow we gotta clean out our third room and make it into a craft room/ office dealio so we have a place to work instead of sitting on the living room floor all the time.

** I am loving being a part of the Female Geek Bloggers group and meeting the lovely ladies there! They are quite inspiring and it's awesome to meet other geeky girls like me. It's a little abnormal to meet geeks in general in the military because it's mostly jocks who just want to shoot stuff... at least at the places I have been.

** Made another trip to Michaels and Target before we left and got some awesome stuff to add to my craft collection. Got some new Heidi Swapp mini books and tags from Michaels and a new SN@P! burlap 6X8 album (that Mo picked out). I went looking through the $1 bins at Target (best thing ever) and got some new bakers twine, tags, and a organizer I plan on using for my wood veneers (yay organizing). I also ordered some stuff from Project Life and I can't wait to get back to my place and unwrap it all (the only reason I wanna go back to my place). It'll be like a second Christmas!

** Little Loves **

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What are you loving this week?