"I Love" Sundays v.13

Good morning and Happy Sunday 

Today was a bit of a strange week for me, was off Monday and Tuesday, signed in back on post on Tuesday night (after trying to jump my truck for like 45 minutes). Went back to work on Wednesday to see that some things had already changed and some things hadn't. Not thrilled to be in rotation at work, I can't see Mo for about 3 weeks due to work. Even tho I just spent 3 weeks with him.

** I am happy to be back in my room with my stuff. Not necessarily thrilled to be back here... but I like being with the rest of my craft stuff and not be living out of a suitcase. I hate living out of a suitcase.

** It's been good to see the few friends I have here on post, the Minions and Vette (they call themselves minions). They are clowns and they are awesome. They are the few people here that can make me laugh or shake my head in wonder.

** Got three new albums started and plans for the other two. Need to get the rest of the pictures printed and the stories written. I am thankful for the time off because it helped me find some of my motivation again to get some stories documented.

** Working on reorganizing my room and mainly my craft supplies. I need to create a place to house my new comics as well as my new camera bag.

** Did a serious gym workout for the first time in quite some time (leave and all) and it felt awesome. Didn't have anyone looking over our shoulders so me and two of my minions went ham and it was great. It hurts like hell two days later, but it was nice.

** Little Loves **
|| the original NCIS | Pen pal letters | mail waiting for me | The stuff I shipped while in FL was already here for me | My bed | Mo's shower | seeing my projects lined up on a shelf ||

What are you loving about this past week?