5 Fandom Friday: Conventions I've Been Too/ Wish to attend

Happy Friday everyone!

This is usually my favorite day of the week due to the weekend, but I am in rotations so weekends don't really exist for me until the end of the month.

1. Florida Metro Con- the only convention I have ever been too. It's like the biggest anime convention in Florida and was an absolute blast. I have been 2-3 years (not in a row so I can't quite remember how many years.... good thing that I take pictures of the conventions!!!!)

Metro Con 2009
My first year, went as Mello from Death Note
Conventions I want to attend:

2. San Diego Comic Con- ever since I learned about conventions, I have always wanted to attend this one! It's like geek heaven from what I understand!!

3. LeakyCon- Harry Potter was my first fandom.... and what is better then an entire convention about the very thing that started my love of fandom's and all things geeky?!?

4. Gallifrey One- Doctor Who is probably one of my newest obsessions (starting about 3 years ago before I deployed to Afghanistan). I would LOVE to attend a convention about Doctor Who!!!

I don't really know what other conventions that I would like to attend, but I am looking into more conventions based on people's post's under this topic.

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