"I Love" Sundays v.14

Hello and Happy Sunday every one

1.  Spent part of my week working on the 2nd Annual Relay for Life for my base community. We're the first and largest Relay for Life here in Germany. It makes me happy to be working on this project and working to make it an even bigger success then it was last year. If you would like to donate then you can do so HERE

2. I am finally working on documenting my December Daily for my blog. Got to finish taking the pictures and write the stories for this project. It's the first Project Life project that I have completed! Mo and I already have plans for a 2015 album (awaiting the actual book and document protectors to get here) and I am pretty excited

3. I got all my papers, stickers, and other embellishments organized into two scrapbook paper organizer thingies! It makes me super stoked because I like to have things organized.

4. My friend accidentally broke the printer head while trying to figure out why my printer wasn't working right in the first place. He's decided that instead of just buying a print head for $60 he's just going to replace the whole printer since it's a couple years old. I told him that he didn't have to do that since it was an accident, but he insists.

5. Found out that I have a 4 day weekend next weekend once the rotation ends. It was mandated by my team commander, which means my boss has no choice but to honor it! I get to hang out with Mo for a couple days after not seeing him for three weeks!

6. I stumbled across this post today by Moe from Five Sixteenths about how to make your own PL Cards using PicMonkey and I am pretty stoked to try! I am also pretty stoked to read through her blog and find new stuffs! I love finding new blogs!

.:Little Loves:.
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What are some things that you loved about this past week?