New Layout

Happy Monday dear friends!

I have the day off so I am chilling out while Mo is at work (he's the morning DJ for the local AFN radio station). Luckily he only has to work for 4 hours and then he comes home and we hang out together.

So, if you hadn't already noticed.... I have a new layout (although unless you're new to this here blog, you should have noticed.... it's a completely different color scheme!!!).

I have always told myself that I wanted to learn HTML so I could create my own blog layouts so I don't have to pay out of the wazoo to get the look I want (and my taste changes every couple of months blog wise). Luckily, since I haven't yet learned HTML and am not yet able to create my own layouts, I posted in a Google+ group I am a part of and the lovely ladies there sent me to Etsy!

In specific, they sent me to the page of a lovely girl named Suzana, who runs This Girl Designs on Etsy, runs her own website at This Girl Designs and blogs at This Girl Loooves

Suzana is an awesome girl!!!!!

I browsed through her pre made templates and found one that I liked. It only cost me $35!!!! And included social media icons, specific tag lists, and specific headers of my choosing. All I had to do was give her the information that she asked for and the layout was completed a few days later! She can also create other graphics for you at a cost and is willing to work with you to create what you want. She answered emails super quickly too!

The installation process was easy, and I was even at work when she completed it! Just had to add her as an author to my blog and she could work on it at her own pace! If you're a follower of hers, installation is free as well, which is nice! Some people charge a high amount to help you install the layout on top of whatever you paid to have the layout created in the first place!

I like the simplicity and clean lines of the layout. While I am not usually a fan of all white blogs, I feel that this one really works for me right now! The background is white and all text is grey! The color comes from the pictures! For a pre made blog layout, it is absolutely fantastic and suits my needs.

I would definitely use Suzana again for a pre made layout in the future! What's even better is she also does completely custom layouts too!

Make sure to check her out and leave her some love!!!

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