"I Love" Sunday's v.25

Happy Sunday dear friends!

I know that I missed my post last week, but there was some stuff going on and I didn't get on my computer the entire weekend.

♥ Spent part of last weekend watching all 8 of the Harry Potter movies and I absolutely loved it! This was my first fandom and I re-watch the movies every couple of years. I am also currently part way through the 3rd book as well.

♥ As you might remember, I recently moved to a different section of my unit, where I love it much much more! Turns out I didn't have to work last weekend at all, which was nice. I spent the whole weekend in my room getting some personal things handled and taking time to myself. 

♥ The Arts & Crafts fair on Thursday went well, we got a lot of people interested and promising to sign up for the upcoming Relay for Life in my Garrison area. I also got some new craft ideas that I can't wait to work on!

♥ This past Monday I had the honor of photographing a promotion ceremony for a gentleman iin my unit who is such a sweet man and a good mentor. If you would like to check out the pictures, then check out the Facebook page for my photography!

♥ I finally at least have some idea of what is wrong with me medically. I won't know for sure until the 28th, but the doctor is almost positive that this is what is wrong with me. It's nice to have a name for my issues and be able to better manage it from now on. I hate that it means that I have to start taking more medication, but it's the only that will help. Once I get the definitive answer as to this being what is wrong with me, I will actually let you guys know since this will be an on-going aspect for the rest of my life.

.: Little Loves :.
|| Netflix | Apple TV | Having someone to talk to | Black beans and Rice | Avicii "Wake Me Up" | "Thinking Out Loud" by ed Sheeren | Working night shift | German McDonalds ||

What are you loving about this past week?