Interview: Jaz from Superheroes XYZ Pt. 1

Hello friends and happy Friday! 

I had originally planned to post this interview last Friday, but since Mo has surgery and I was taking care of him and cleaning the apartment, I kinda didn't get around to posting this interview. Better late then never I suppose. Sometimes real life just gets in the way.

So I met Jaz through the Female Geek Bloggers group on Google+ and I love her blog. I am definitely a nerd, which you all might know by now, so I really enjoy reading her blog. She even went to Hawaii and took her Lilo & Stitch Funko! Pop Vinyl's with her, but that is the second part of this interview (which will be posted next week). Without further ado, here is Jaz::


1.     Please introduce yourself and tell me about your blog
Hi! I am Jasmine Tiger 26 Years old nerd bird daydreamer fundraiser starter try new things out kind of girl. My faith, Princesses, sci-fi, shooting, off roading, comic books, thrift stores, treasure hunting, picture taking, Star Trek are only a few of my current obsessions; I mean Subjects of Interest.

2.     What made you decide on your blog name? I like it
Thank you! Well I had been wanting to start a blog for a while and my dad helped me pick it out.
I wanted a web address other than a dot com and something different. He told me there was a dot XYZ available along with Superheroes. I thought that would be great since everything I was thinking of writing about was going to be superheroes comic cons and other variables of the nerdy geeky world and thought that is exactly what XYZ is… variables. Hence

3.     What is something important you’ve learned from blogging?
Something I have learned from blogging is be patient yet keep up. That made sense I was thinking about my answer. I have so many things I want to write about but need to pace myself and find the right time to post them. Also by keeping up as in if I write about events or movies and such is get it done; the sooner the better as there is already numerous posts and yours will be lost in the sea of them if you wait too long, by that time readers have already read what they want to read yours most likely misses the train no matter how great of a post you think it is.

4.     Why do you blog?
I blog because I love going to conventions! Now there is more than one in my life, I have so many pictures and things I want to share. I want to share it with people that get just as excited as I do and/or passionate about certain things as well. I can only discuss comic books, movies or talking about a comic con and the days leading to it for so long before some people want to tune me out or duck tape one of the two. Being able to see others get excited or read the things we have in common is great, reading about their take on the same topic has been a great experience for me. I am also in hopes that one day, the posts, or future posts and tips and things I would like to post will somehow make a nerdy friends day or something all the better.

5.     What is your favorite social media site and why?
Well it used to be facebook, now Instagram takes the favorite. I got on the bandwagon late with Instagram and originally started it for San Diego Comic Con in 2013 as I take an insane amount of pictures. I really like Instagram due to the fact of taking a regular picture and making it look like art. It is also a challenge for me as it pushes me to try and think of creative ways to take a picture, and see things different. I try to make it stand out in the sea of pictures there are today and ask how would a picture of this be different from all the others.

6.     Tell me about your favorite comic book series
I recently got into comic books about a year or so ago. There are so many I want to follow and still figuring out where to start, but the one I have managed and have the most issues is Thor from Marvel Comics. When I heard Thor was going to be a female I had somewhat mixed feelings about it, the issue came out on stands and I decided to wait and see what happens which I do not recommend waiting to buy a number 1 issue (learned the hard way) I bought issues 2 and 3 with her and it has grown on me. I was pretty excited for the issue of Thor vs. Thor which I have yet to get but I am glad the direction they have taken for the goddess and so far and have enjoyed it. I also love her suit of armor which I thought they had done a nice job on being both suitable and manageable for her and not just focusing on assets and can be taken seriously.

7.     Tell me about your favorite convention
Favorite convention is the San Diego Comic Con I have been lucky enough to make 7 years in attending and this year 2015 will be my 8th year the experiences, the free goodies, the picture, the movies, the TV shows. I have met some fun people and love the insane and craziness it offers. I volunteer their most of the time and is fun to see some of the behind the scenes action. Although I must say that the Phoenix Comicon is slowly creeping up to becoming my favorite due to the variety it has to offer and the more intimate setting it has compared to the San Diego Convention. San Diego Comic Con will always have my heart as it is in my hometown and gives me a reason to go back every year. We have had a few mishaps such as losing my camera one year with so many great pictures and the year I decided to cosplay as Batgirl. But I have forgiven the forces at hand and still continue to attend.

8.     What is your favorite geek community and why?
I have yet to find more but so far one of my favorites is the Female Geek Bloggers group on Google plus. It is one of the only reasons why I use Google Plus. It is nice to be able to share your work and find others who are doing some what the same things as you. It is nice to ask for advice when stuck or trying to go about things and being somewhat new to the blogging world it has helped. Seeing how others have overcome the obstacles, and see the rewards their blog has to offer is nice to read about as well. Helpful blogs, fun blogs, informative blogs, read every post they have blogs, so many.  Even coming across the virtual -ships, to possible friendships, and opportunities it has to offer.

9.     Anything else that you want to share with us?
Yes? I had an online fashion magazine for a year, created fan sites for bands, started a fundraiser for my dad, planned fundraising events, started blogs that died off and have done random things here and there. But this, having a blog within the nerdy geeky community in itself has by far been one of the best things that I am glad I got involved in as I have been in it for years and being able to share everything with you all. For example this opportunity thanks to awesome Jenn is a great feeling and is very uplifting to know that we can all be here to help and support each other.

 Thank you Jenn for this opportunity to share with you and your readership it is greatly appreciated and am very thankful, I am looking forward to continuing our new found friendship

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Thanks to Jaz for agreeing to be my second interview here on the blog! I am pretty excited to have her join me today. Make sure you stay tuned next Friday for the second part of her guest post, where she talks about her trip to Hawaii ((I am kind of jealous, although hopefully this time next year, Mo and I will be in Hawaii!)) Make sure you go drop by Jaz's social media and leave her some love!