"I Love" Sunday's v.24

Hello friends and happy Sunday.

Not a lot really happened this week that was super positive for me.... but there are still some things that were good I guess.

** I started printing some cards for my project life album. This made me happy. I tried to print a picture, but it took forever to dry and it made me kind of sad. I guess I will be ordering pictures from Persnickety Prints for my albums.

** I went to a doctors appointment on Monday to talk about my anxiety and insomnia. Luckily, the doc is a woman I worked with during Relay for Life last year, so I know her and I feel comfortable talking with her. I struggle finding people that I am comfortable talking with, but I am glad if it is anyone, that it is this awesome lady!

** I have spent more time playing Majhong and reading my books then just watching television this week. I think this is a good thing. Mo is concerned because for a while I spent all my free time after work just watching television and not doing much else. 

** Wednesday was spent doing my MEB briefings, meeting my Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO), and learning about the process that I am about to go through. It is nice to know that there is ONE person to talk to, to get information from, and that I won't have to keep switching people and retelling my story. Consistency is the key in the Army.

** I'm joining Mandy and a couple of awesome ladies participating in a project called #myselfiescrapbook on Instagram. You can learn more about this project here. Join us on Instagram using the above hashtag so we can see what you're scrapbooking each day for yourself.

** Speaking of this project, I was introduced to a lovely lady named Jen from Sunlight & Air. I was reading through her blog and her scrapbooking projects and stumbled across her surgery scrapbook. Through her story about her surgery journey, she's inspired me to better document my health journey so I can look back on it and remember how I got to where I ended up. I hate going through this health problems and not knowing what they are, but it's part of my story and part of my life, and I plan to document the good, the bad, and the weird. So thanks to Jen for the inspiration!

.: Little Loves :.
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What are you loving from this past week?