"I Love" Sunday's v.27

Hello friends and happy Sunday!

 ♥ Thanks to listening to Pandora at work during this last rotation, I came across a lot of new (to me) music that I really enjoyed! Was introduced to Ed Sheeren (my boss likes listening to Thinking Out Loud every day), Jasmine Thompson, and Christina Perri. So I got them, Imagine Dragons, One Republic, The Script, and I Prevail on my iPod now. Rather enjoying having new music!

♥ Last night I went to Kareoke with some of my friends from when I first moved to Germany at a little bar in their area. It's a German bar but is frequented by American's. There was a lot of great music and not so great singers, but we had fun.

This month is the month of birthday's for me. Grandmother's bday was yesterday, The 4th started it off with a friend from base, followed by a pen pal, today is Mother's Day and a friends bday, tomorrow is Dad's birthday, the 15th is Mom's, the 17th is my best friend Lindsay and my penpal Patti, the 20th is my longest standing friendship (since 5th grade), and then there are two more at the end of the month. Busy busy busy for me!

This weekend I got all caught up on my TV shows, which always makes me happy. I hate having to wait a week to watch my shows and get all caught up. I tend to forget what happens in that week between episodes and it makes me a little annoyed (kinda weird, I know).

Friday was a Hail & Farewell for work. We went to this nice German restraunt in a nearby town and most of the entire unit came out. This is the biggest Hail & Farewell we've had since like last June when our old LTC left and we went on an all day adventure at the Weltenburg Monestary (they make their own beer). This time, our LTC is leaving us as well, as are a bunch of people surprisingly. The food was good though, and I hung out with our crew chiefs and had fun. I did get to spend the last like 2 hours taking photos of the event for our Facebook page... which is always an adventure.

Finally redid my Photography website and Blog because I have been working on a rebranding of my business :) That made me super excited! I know there still needs some work to be done to make my blog look more professional, but I did the current look on my own, and I am pretty happy about it! I have a new logo and what not! I am super excited to being going back to the states before the end of the year and actually being able to charge for my photography! I haven't been able to due to the boss of the Tower wouldn't let me submit paperwork to our team command for signature allowing me to have a Home Based Business during my free time ((he's a butthead)) so I haven't been able to charge for any of the work I have been doing since I got here last March.

My new logo
The flyer is finally out for the upcoming Hope sessions for my post's Relay for Life event at the start of next month.  I am super excited. I have been thinking of this idea since last year's Relay and I finally got it to come to life (for lack of a better phrase. It's late.... sssshhhhhhhhh). Basically I am teaming up with 4 other local photographers and we're each doing 10 sessions at a discounted rate and all the money made gets donated to Relay For Life. (( You can donate to my team here)). We're all pretty excited and it'll be awesome to get to spend time with other photographers!

Our flyer
♥ My Marvel Collectors Corps box came in finally! Super excited about that. It's a bi-monthly subscription box that has a Marvel theme each time. The first box was themed for Avengers: Age of Ultron since the movie came out on the 1st! It was awesome! I got a t-shirt, 6" Hulkbuster from Funko!, an Ultron Dorbz toy, a Captain America pin, a special comic, and an Ultron patch! The nerd in me was having a field day!!!

Marvel Collector Corps items!

.: Little Loves:.

|| 4 Day work week | German cola | the fried rice dish we always get from this awesome German made Chinese place | the warmth of the sunshine |  Smores Pop Tarts ||

What are you loving from last week?