5 Fandom Friday: Your 5 Favorite TV shows

Hello friends and happy Friday!
I have been slacking alot around here lately, only managing to get posts done for Sunday. Partially because there has been a lot going on in my life and I've just been really busy. I am doing my best to get back into blogging because I loved this little space of the interwebs!
Thanks to the fact that I am going to a Geek Girl Kaiserslautern meeting tomorrow, here is today's 5 Fandom Friday post! I've even managed to schedule a couple of upcoming posts to so I stop sucking at life so much on this blog!!!!
This is kind of interesting/funny to me because a coworker and I were just talking about our favorite tv shows earlier to pass the time. It's hard to chose the shows that I will continuously binge watch though! So the topic is supposed to be 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows, but that was hard for me, partially because some of my favorite shows are new... so I bring you: 5 Favorite TV Shows!
1. Criminal Minds: This is one of my all time favorite shows! I have always been a huge fan of crime shows and I am interested in Behavioral Psychology and the Behavioral Analysis Unit! I absolutely love Peneople/David Morgan's friendhsip and I really like everyone on the team!!! I also love how suspensful the episodes are and I will willingly admit that I have been able to tell you what most of the episodes are about based on the first few minutes or sometimes even just the title! I can't really pick a favorite character from this series, because I love them all for their own reasons.
2. Gotham: I love this version of the Batman universe! Penguin is probably my favorite character because he just steals the show. I like that it's a darker version of the series. It's interesting to kind of see how they've adjusted character timelines to fit what they want to happen and I am always curious to see what else is going to happen!
3. Lost Girl: I just found this show last week and I haven't been able to stop watching it on Netflix! I got through the first season in like 2 days (only because work has gotten in the way). I like sci-fi/fantasty type shows or books and this one is quite interesting! My favorite characters are definitely Bo, Trick, and Kensi! I love how Bo is kind of figuring herself out with the help of her human best friend and her Blood King grandfather (who she just found out was her grandfather)
4. NCIS: I originally fell in love with the original series with Gibbs, Abbey, Ducky, and DiNozzo; but have also found that I really like Los Angeles and even New Orleans. I was really sceptical of spin off shows- but both of these definitely hold their own. I love the relationship between all the characters as well as the main characters always trying to save the day. It goes along with my love of Criminal Minds.
Favorite characters in the original NCIS: Gibbs and Abbey! The fact that this show is still going at 12 seasons and I don't think they are planning on stopping- AH-MAH-ZING!

5. Sleepy Hollow: This is still a newer show, but I was drawn in rather quickly. I love how they are using an old fairy tale and putting modern twists on it. I love the partnership between Icabod and Abbie and how they trust and rely on each other in their crazy endeavors!

.: Honorable Mentions :.
1. Arrow
2. Beauty and the Beast
3. Doctor Who
4. Eureka
5. Agents of S.H.I.L.D.
6. Supernatural
7. Agent Carter
8. Once Upon A Time
9. Warehouse 13
10. Torchwood
What are your 5 favorite shows or 5 Binge Worthy shows?

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