"I Love" Sunday's v.38

Hello friends. I once again accidentally skipped a day in my "I Love" Series.... but work is all over the place with my schedule.... so I am a little scatterbrained lately.

** I shared a mini series about the monthly plan book method that I use for my Travelers Notebook! If you missed those posts, here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

** Today is the last day of Ali Edward's Week In The Life project. I managed to participate and document each day with pictures on Instagram as well as in my plan book. I am still waiting for my kit to arrive, so I took pictures and made notes for each one! This is my first year participating in the project and I thought it was rather fun. On Monday, I kind of forgot to take pictures (other then 2), but I remembered Tuesday and spent more time documenting my weekly life!

** I started my YouTube channel! It took me about 2 whole days to get the darn things uploaded, but they're there now!

** Finished my last piece of ACAP and am now set for when I leave the Army! Which is fantastic because I have to drive 1 hour each direction to get to the building... so no more of those trips until I leave the Army!!!

** The IGGPPCamp started on the 13th and has carried over into this week (it ended on Wednesday). Each day they shared a lot of awesome recipes, crafts, challenges, fitness stuff.... it was just awesome! This was my first year participating and I am glad that I did. I have started working on a scarf (from this tutorial) and I wrote down some recipes and other fun stuff to do when I have more time (and a clean kitchen). I look forward to participating again next year!

**  I finally got around to using my Canon Selphy CP910! And it's AWESOME!!!! Haha. The hardest part was combining photos to print several at one time. Thankfully, I have collage apps on my phone that helped with that problem! I love that I can print photos from my phone!

** Went out to dinner with my friends again last night, once I found out I was off until Monday night (stupid new shifts mean I don't go to work until 10pm this entire rotation). We went to the same awesome restaurant called Stella's that we went to for a friends going away party a couple of weeks ago. I had the same awesome food too!

.: Little Loves :.

|| Eureka (the show) | Dr. Pepper | Raspberry iced tea | internet | Naan | new music | NCIS | Nutty Bars | sleeping (at least a little bit) | Talking to my friend Samuel | documenting life ||

What are you loving from this past week?