"I Love" Sunday's v.47

Dearest friends
Happy Sunday!

I hope this post finds you well.

This is one of two posts I'll be sharing today.

Today is an extra special post! Cuz today is my 24th birthday!
That's right, today is my birthday.
I usually don't really care about my birthday, I haven't since I was 18....
but I figured that it was worth mentioning. 
This is the last birthday I will be celebrating in Germany, and I am spending it with some dear friends

** It's a little odd to me how quickly we've reached the end of October. This dismay favorite month after all, but it just flew by! It's like I just blinked and poof it was gone. I've received several packages of happy mail throughout the month. And I even started a new project. I'm still working on it, and I will share it in segments once I get parts of it completed.

** I completed my exit interview with the VA, which just puts me one step closer to going home! It means that all my stuff with the MEB is done! Thankfully, because that was an infuriating process. It's no surprise, since it has to do with the military and the VA, which all move at their own pace. They need to figure out how to move the whole process along. Once we reach this point, we want to just hurry up and move on, start another chapter in our lives. I'm going on 8+ months of dealing with this.

** Been working on catching up in my October Daily. I know that I am behind and it's sad, but it doesn't surprise me. Although I wasn't insanely busy this month, I spent a lot of free time doing my homework and I had a couple of events that I was a part of. I did my best to make notes in my monthly plan book about events, but I didn't have enough time to document them in my scrap journal. Now that the month is over I can take a breather and get caught up. That is exactly why I love my monthly plan books!

** Had a sensing session with our units higher ups, which was about as interesting as I thought it was going to be once I saw who was in the meeting. It turned into a complaining session (no surprise) but the important part is that the higher ups actually listened to what was said. They made changes where they could, which makes me happy. That doesn't happen nearly enough. It needs to happen more often (not the complaining, but the changes that could be made)

** Thursday was the 22nd birthday of The Nightmare Before Christmas! *happy dance*

** Thursday also had me having dinner with one of the NCO's that I used to work with. She was my first NCO when I got to Germany. We were supposed to be going to the going away dinner of my friend Dustin, but G had the day wrong so we missed it. To make up for it, we went to an awesome little Greek place in a nearby town and had dinner. We talked and caught up and just had a good time.

** Yesterday was Halloween!!! My favorite holiday ever! And to top that off, K and I went on an Outdoor Recreation trip to the Frankenstein Castle. There is a post on that trip coming up later this evening!

** Today is the last week of classes for me! I am super stoked about that!!!! I am all for continuing my college education, but online classes have been a little difficult. Sometimes I need to be in a classroom to have access to a teacher.

.: Little Loves:.
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Overall, it's been an interesting week! 

Hope it was a good one for you all!
I'm sad that October is already over. However, that means I am one step closer to going home.