My Adventures: Frankenstein Castle 2015

Hello friends!

Two posts in one day! 
I couldn't help it! I was just too excited and had to share with you guys!

Last night, K and I went with our Outdoor Recreation group to the biggest Halloween celebration in Europe! We went on a 3 hour bus ride to the FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE! Yes, THE Frankenstein Castle!

I borrowed K's Jack inspired dress because I didn't have a costume. She got the dress from Hot Topic some time ago, I'm just amazed that it fit. I am bigger around the shoulders and wider in the sides then she is, but the dress fit. I just needed some help pulling the dress off over across my chest and shoulders. Since it is October in Germany, of course it's cold, so instead of wearing black tights, I just wore my black skinny jeans tucked into my almost knee high black converse. I've had these shoes since I was 16 years old. I spent the first 10 minutes of trying to get dressed just lacing these shoes up! After that I put on my fedora, added some black eye shadow, black stitches around my mouth, and then black lip stick. I also added some stiches around my throat. It was totally awesome!

This is K and I before we got on the bus. She decided to go as a punk-rock Alice from Alice in Wonderland. It definitely fit her personality. She bought the crazy wig yesterday morning at a German  store and was way too stoked for that.

 I didn't take as many pictures as I should have. I was too busy trying to keep my hat on my head. One of the monsters walked up to me and when I didn't jump away or scream, he snatched my hat off my head. I had to chase him and it took me 10 minutes and a lot of patience to get my hat back.

The details of the castle were absolutely amazing. Sadly we weren't allowed into the castle, but we were along the side of it. There was a whole path that we were directed around. Almost all of the monsters were silent, didn't speak a word. They just walked amongst the crowd and go after the people that run or scream. The only part that I didn't agree with was them being allowed to put hands on you. This isn't fun because they all liked putting their hands around people's throats and that made me really uncomfortable. 

 This is a graveyard that was just passed the tunnel of death. The picture on the right was pretty cool. The monsters looked like Ork's from The Lord of the Rings, it was very interesting. They were almost a little creepy, but it was AWESOME!

We watched an awesome show where a bunch of the monsters danced to a bunch of different songs. The best part was that they were all American songs (to include Thriller), but that was the only English part of the entire experience. For some reason they put the stage directly behind this massive tree that blocked the view of the stage unless you were right up front. And since I am short, I missed a lot of the dancing. It makes me really sad, because what I could see, was pretty awesome.

I found myself some Minions! They sounded like they were British, which made asking for a picture all too easy! They were more then happy to take a picture with me, apparently they had been doing so ever since they got there.

I wish that I had remembered to take a picture of the drink menu. K really enjoyed the Spicy Monster Kisses while I stuck with a regular ole Jack and Coke. We each had two of our respective drinks, although I had to down the second one pretty quickly because drinks weren't allowed into one part of the event. I don't advise anyone to quickly drink over half of a Jack and Coke... ever.

K and I got really lucky when we got there, in how we hooked up with a group of elementary school teachers that were on the bus with us. We all decided to stick together, which made it all that much more fun! I just think it's funny that we found a group of teachers to stick with. These teachers were a bunch of fun though! Two of them got super scared at two separate times! It was so funny!!!!


There you go guys and gal's. I am really glad that I didn't bring my dSLR camera with me like I had wanted to. There was not where near enough room for me to feel comfortable carrying that around with me. Not to mention that one of my hands was securely wrapped around my hat once the monster snatched it off my head. I really can't wait to actually get this all written in my scrap journal. Once I finish my home work today I am going to catch up on my October Daily around my birthday dinner with my usual crew. 

I hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween!
Be on the lookout for my upcoming posts of my October Daily album. 
I am going to share them in weekly intervals!