"I Love" Sunday's v.50

Hello dear friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

** Monday was nice. I got a lot of stuff picked up, craft supplies and other necessary stuff). I finally got some new flats (since the movers took all my damn shoes minus my cowboy boots), I got new glass for my plaque, and I also got a box to house my retirement flag. It currently sits on Amy's glass cabinet so nothing happens to it until it finds its forever home in my next place of residence.

** On Tuesday, I got to see one of my besties! I haven't seen her since I left for Germany in March of last year. Yes, I have more then one bestie because they all bring something different into my life. Kelli and I bonded in the cab of an LMTV at work when she joined us in 2013. 

This also brought the first day of a new month and a new project. I love new beginnings and new projects, so Tuesday was a fantastic day. You can check out the posts in my December Daily 2015 series here.

** Wednesday was a super busy day for Amy and I. It brought yet another dear friend of mine back into my life. He was my "little brother" when I lived here before and I am super stoked that I got to see him! I also got a new key for her apartment (and she chose a zombie decoration for me, which made me laugh). We also got our nails done, but you can read all about Wednesday here.

** We put up the tree on Thursday while Mem was at school! Amy hoped that it would help her get in the Christmas spirit and I just really love decorating for the holidays. I love seeing the Christmas tree every day when I am in the living room. I especially love the fact that penguins are a Winter holiday animal, so I get to see penguins all season!

** Friday was a busy day as well for us. Food shopping, picked up the rental car for my trip this weekend, and then lunch with Amy's boyfriend. Renting a car was kind of a nightmare on Friday, I really don't think I will be using Enterprise again after that experience. We also finished decorating the house by finally getting our Merry Christmas banner attacked to the wall as well as our stockings.

** Yesterday I drove down to Georgia to see an old friend of mine for the weekend. I was scheduled to take a unit picture for his Reserve unit, although I ended up taking some more pictures at Family Day. It was awesome to be able to get caught back up with him, I haven't seen him since he graduated college and commissioned back in 2013.

** Today was simple. We had family day at my friends reserve unit, so I hung around and took pictures of it before driving back home. I am just very glad to be back home (even though I am currently residing on a mattress on Amy's living room floor). Tonight I am working on getting caught back up in my December Daily album. I finished days 3 and 4, just never took pictures to share, and need to finish the pages for this weekend.

.: Little Loves :.

|| Dr. Pepper | wine | Butterbeer Frappaccino's | decorations | seeing friends | having options | Netflix | The Flash | Lifesaver gummy's ||

What are you loving from this past week?