December Daily 2015: Days 3-6

Hello dear friends!

As you can tell, I am a little behind on sharing posts about my December Daily project, but honestly, is anyone really surprised (I know I'm not). On Saturday and Sunday I was in Georgia and didn't bring any of my supplies with me, so I had to get everything finished yesterday so I could share this post with you today.

I may be sharing some of the days in groups like I am today, but at least they will be shared. Also, later this week there will be an actual video walk through of the first week of my album on my YouTube channel for you guys to check out.

Without further ado:

Day 3:

Day 3 starts about halfway through the page where the tree is. Amy and I decorated the tree and set up some other decorations around our apartment to try to get Amy in the holiday spirit.

The "the tree" sticker came from Me & My Big Ideas Mambi sticker pack of clear stickers that I found at Michaels. I really like the sticker set and was super excited to use them!

The Santa and Mrs. Claus are a set of decorations Amy got from her grandmother. The "dear santa" came from the digital stamp set Ali included in her Storytelling With December Daily class. I just thought it was perfect! I also am making it a point to use the December stamp from the hard copy stamp set from the same class each day! Trying for consistency here!

I really love this tree picture!

The second page of Day 3 is all about some of the ornaments on the tree (I included my Batman and a snowflake that Mem made when he was younger at the top) and the bottom is a picture of my fabric scrap tree I made back in 2013 and a picture of Mem's new Chewbacca ornament next to my American Hero ornament.

This was also the day that I introduced Amy to the wonders of Butterbeer Frappacino's! She loved it!

Day 4:

On Day 4 I included part of an ad from Bath and Body Works from the day before. On the back I attached some purple snowflake scrapbook paper from the Arctic Wishes Matstack 4.5x6.5 paper pad and then added pictures of the M and A ornaments on the tree for Mem and Amy.

The second page of Day 4 shares a picture of our stockings we hung out, the garland over them wrapped in silver ribbon, and the darn "Merry Christmas" banner that we finally had to hang with command hooks. It kept falling down until we tied it up this way. Hasn't fallen a single time!

Day 5:

Day 5 brought me to Georgia to see an old friend of mine. In the pages I talk about why I was there, and then I included a picture of him and I that one of his coworkers took when we went to dinner.

The bottom of the page has me talking about my attempt at a bokeh tree, which I think turned out quite awesome!

Day 6:

I didn't photograph the first page of the spread because it's all writing (I haven't edited/printed the photo yet, so there is no reason to include that here) I talked about the end of my trip and then I took someone else's idea and talked about my ornaments on our tree. ((It's mostly covered in Amy's ornaments, but there are a couple that came from me)). I backed the ornament pictures with pieces of scrapbook paper from the Jolly 6x6 paper pad from American Crafts

Amy bought me that blue and silver star for our shared love of our favorite football team. Then there is Batman (again)! The bottom picture is just a picture someone shared in one of the groups that I saved and printed because I really liked the picture! It says Make a Christmas Wish!

The last page of this spread talks about 3 more ornaments. The top one is a set of two hearts, one painted like the American flag and the other painted like the German flag. This one represents my time in Germany. Below that is a Starbucks ornament I got with a guy riding on an ornament that makes me think of "I came in like a wrecking ball"! It makes me laugh! The last ornament pictures is my American Hero ornament with an eagle and the American flag. This one represents my 5.5 years in the Army.

At the bottom of the page I talk about doing my own book to document the story of my ornaments and how I will continue to include new ones here in this project.


Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned here on the blog every couple of days where I share more about the spreads I am doing in my December Daily album. Also,  I will be sharing a video walkthrough of days 1-6 on my YouTube channel later today. Every week I want to do a walkthrough video to show you guys how it looks and talk about some of the products that are used in each spread.

Are you participating in December Daily? Share a link with me (on whatever platform you're sharing) so I can check you out!!!