"I Love" Sundays v.51

Hello dear friends!

Happy Sunday!

** It's been a lazy day for me and I finally have some motivation to knock out a blog post! It's a little overwhelming having this much time off, but I try to find something to do each day to be productive. Today is was going to get some refills for my Canon Selphy as well as a bag to carry it home in.

** Something I am really loving this week is my friend here, Amy. She's the awesome woman that is letting me stay with her and her son until I get my own place to live! When she has to work, she asks me to take her to work so I can use her car during the day, I just have to pick her up at the end of her shift at the hospital. Amy is the bomb diggity!

** A lot of things I love this week involve friends of mine. This wonderful lady and I were stationed at Bragg together starting back in 2011 until she ETS'd in 2013. Her and I became best friends during our deployment and she is still one of my all time favorite people. I met her for coffee earlier this week and it was fantastic to catch up! We're working out having a crafting day. She does Project Life and Amy and I do scrap-journaling.

** I got caught up in my December Daily album and finished the first week's video (which is up on my channel). I am super excited for my progress. I received an amazing package from a sweet lady in one of the DD groups I'm in full of scrapping goodies that I cannot wait to use!!! I have to make her something as a thank you!

** Got to have lunch with these two beautiful babes! Amy was nice enough to take the picture for us. Last minute Amy got to join us at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Again, these are two girls from when I was stationed here at Bragg. Kelli, the one in the middle, and I had lunch last week (I think she was wearing the same shirt actually) and Jen and I were instant friends! It's always a little confusing since we have the same first name, but she is Jen with one N and I am Jenn with two N's.

** So, Tuesday I went and purchased this Funko mystery box from GameStop. I originally had the Blackest Night Superman, but after talking to the awesome dude at the counter, he and I agreed to trade. He really wanted that Superman and I am more of a fan of Batman. He said he had a Batman and Batgirl, and I said I would accept either. So, when I got there on Friday to trade him, he gave me this box. He asked if it was enough, to which I said it was more then enough, but he insisted that I take them both. Believe me, I was secretly super stoked!!

** On Saturday, I got to see this beautiful girl! Her and I became friends after my deployment. She is my crafting and photography buddy! I got to meet her new daughter and see her younger son as well! Her son didn't like me much 2 years ago, he was 5 then, but when I saw him yesterday, he waved excitedly at me and the first thing he did when he got out of the car was give me a big hug!

**  When I say that we made a crap ton of cookies on Thursday night, that would be a severe understatement. Amy taught me how to make cookies from scratch (she needed a distraction) so we made about 6 dozen or so cookies! Enough for us both to take home for Christmas vacation! Lots of yummy cookies!

.: Little Loves :.

|| Mountain Dew Voltage | Butterbeer Frappaccino's | Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit | my Canon Selphy | new and old friends | Crossing Lines on Netflix | being home | fast food ||

What are you loving from this week?