Officially Done

Hello friends!

Yesterday was my last day as an Active Duty Service Member and today is my Medical Retirement date. It's really weird to think of now... I am no longer a Soldier... I'm a retiree moving on to college and possibly a job.

So here is some back story:

Due to my medical retirement, I was supposed to be promoted on the day I retire (which is today). I'm not entirely sure why people decided this, but obviously I was just going to roll with it. I've been trying to get promoted since the beginning of the year, and it hasn't been easy. My unit sent me to an Infantry promotion board, which wasn't going well from the moment I walked in. I don't care what people say, yes the Army is changing, however it's taking time. These NCO's in charge of the board weren't happy that I was there (I was the only female there), so the contempt for me was evident. Needless to say, I didn't pass the board.

The amazing news though is that they didn't promote me because of my medical retirement, they promoted me because I met all of the promotion requirements. As someone said to me, I am a legit Sergeant! 

You don't know how happy that makes me.

My CSM once told me that he didn't think people going through the Medical Evaluation Board deserve to be promoted. However, someone way up the chain of command disagreed and decided that I deserved to be an NCO, not because of my medical retirement, but because I met the standards.

Just wanted to share the news!

On a side note... I have to go get registered at the local VA clinic. Which is good because I apparently lost my glasses and I need a new pair. There are some other things I need to handle as well with a doctor, to include some new medications!