"I Love" Sundays v.53

** Amy got out of work early on Monday to deal with house stuff since we both left for our parents houses the next day. We closed all the windows, cleaned out the fridge, did last minute laundry, and made sure everything was packed and ready to go. Monday night we watched Sister Act II

** Tuesday was a bit of a hum dinger for me. The good news is I made it home safely and at a reasonable time. The bad news: the rental car company my mom used to get me a car, screwed me over. I almost didn't get a rental car to go home (couldn't fly because I had the dog). Luckily my usual company (although the branch on post) saved me and I got a rental car for $273 for the whole week I'm gone!

** We had a Christmas party at my parents house on Wednesday so I could see some of my old friends. I think this is becoming a tradition at my house (at least I hope so) because it's the second year in a row. I'm pretty sure my mother even suggested it this year. Some friends came over that I haven't seen since I graduated high school and we had an absolute blast!

** USAA saved my butt by the way. The short of it all is that someone got ahold of my card information from a gas station pump and stole money from me. USAA alerted me right away and closed my account until I could pull cash out the next day. Once I pulled cash they closed my card for good and immediately expedited me a new card that would arrive to my NC address the same day I did. The good part of this story - they acted immediately when they noticed something weird with my account. Walmart has a way to override USAA's security measures, which is how the people got the money out, but they gave me back the money taken from me.

** I got to hang out with my "second family" - the Buss family. That is my best friend's family! I always make time to see them when I go home, its as much of a mandatory thing as seeing my actual family. I got to sit and chat for a while, which was spectacular! I've really missed this.

** Mom and I spent a couple of evenings crafting. I worked to get caught up on my Dec. Daily ((still behind on videos)) and she did some stamping. 

** Christmas came and went at our house. It was easy because it was just our little family of 4 (and 3 dogs). We all got presents we absolutely loved! My brother and I even sword fought with his two foam Minecraft swords for laughs. My parents got me a gift card for photography equipment, which I am beyond stoked about.

** I started working on my roommate's Christmas present, her first handmade MJdori! It was kind of fun to make one from start to finish. My mom had to help me cut the leather down, but then I rounded the corners, put the holes in the spine, added the grommets, and then finished off with adding the elastic strings to hold it closed!

** On Saturday we signed Mom up to be part of the Women's Auxiliary at the local VFW, under me. The special part is this VFW is named for my dearest friend Zack. I've talked about him before. The guys there were super nice and they thought it was awesome that we actually knew Zack (I don't think any of them actually knew him before he passed away). Glad that my mom is signed up and apart of something great!

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this week?