Life Update

Hello friends!

Happy Friday!!!!

So today I just wanted to drop by and give you guys a super quick update in the Dreamer world.

1. Job hunting is a b****!!! For reals. Especially when it's right after the holiday season so everyone is getting rid of seasonal help. -.-'

2. I got an apartment! Yay! I picked up the keys for the apartment yesterday, but right now, the only thing that is in the apartment is the new entertainment stand I picked up yesterday for $30. I can't really move in to the apartment right now because I don't have much to work with.... just the things I brought from Germany with me - so no bed, dresser, tables, couches, etc. I did order my bed last Sunday, but it won't be delivered until closer to the end of the month. My belongings from Germany aren't supposed to be here until the end of the month. Once I get everything there and situated (also have to get stuff from Florida - like a couch from my parents) then I will do a blog or a YouTube or something to show you guys how everything is set up.

3. Last but not least.... I picked up my car from the Charleston Port today in SC!!! I am super excited to have my own car again!!!!!

Kind of a scary super excited face. Haha. I love the fact that my roommate pretty much gave me free reign of her car as long as I took her to/from work and her son to/from school... but nothing like having your own car!

Overall, it's been a great start to the new years (minus Mem potentially breaking his arm) and I just can't wait to see what happens next!!!

Talk to you later lovelies!