Butterbeer Frappuccino

Hello dear friends!

I hope you're having a good weekend so far!

So you guys have probably read several times where I talk about Butterbeer Frappaccino's from Starbucks. They are my favorite thing right now. They are on the hidden menu, and some barista's know how to make them, some do not. Today I wanted to share the recipe I got from MuggleNet for those of you who are interested in it!

I've shown it to my roommate, her son, my best friend Lindsay, and even my mother. Each of them really likes it, so I know that other Potterheads might as well. The first time I asked for it, I was a littler nervous (I was on a military base and people can be a little judgmental of "geeks" or "nerds", but I have most definitely gotten over that!). Now I always make sure to have the recipe with me, so the barista's know how to make it!

* Creme based Frappuccino made with whole milk (the recipe recommends not using an alternative, but the writer on MuggleNet say's they've tried it with 2% and enjoyed it. I've also used 2% milk and it tastes just fine.

* Three pumps of caramel syrup

* Three pumps of toffee nut syrup

* Top with whipped cream and caramel drizzle and some mocha drizzle

Some barista's will ask if you want coffee in it and some won't. I personally don't care either way, but if you do, make sure you specify that!

Now, each barista will make it differently. I always ask for extra chocolate drizzle (because a random barista in Germany did that after saying they know how to make it and I LOVED it. I've had it without and still like it). Some people will put drizzle in first, then the frappuccino, and some people won't. It doesn't matter to me either way, but some people might care. Pay attention and if you want them to put the drizzle in first, you might have to tell them first.

Have you tried the Butterbeer Frappuccino? Did you like it? Do you have another "nerdy" drink that you like or something else from the hidden menu that you'd like to share? Please do!