"I Love" Sunday's V.62

Hello dearest Dreamers,

Hope this Sunday finds you well.

This week flew by so quickly, I blinked and it was already over!

** I set up my new monthly plan book and started printing pictures for my latest scrap journal! I'm kind of combining Bullet Journaling with the Planner Perfect method and it's actually starting to work well for me within my TN. I'm working on a post for later this week showing you guys what that looks like. I haven't done a video in a long time, so maybe I'll do something like that.

** Molly Girl (and her mother Sarah) came for a visit this past Wednesday and they hung out all day long! It was awesome! Molly was a little grumpy due to teething, but we still love her! Amy grilled out so we had a full house for dinner that night after I got out of work. My coworker even came over and so did Sarah's boyfriend.

** I got to see my favorite old coworker, Kelli and friends for lunch. We met at a Gyro place on the other side of base and I got to meet up with another friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

** We finally went and picked up the free table a family friend gave to us. My boyfriend and I spent the evening painting the table top white and the legs black. This is the table that Amy and I are using for a main workspace in our craft office and where I plan on shooting my videos and taking blog photos. We might just need to sand the top down a little because the chalk finish paint was a little chunky. After we got done painting, I made Lee take a picture with me (we ended up getting paint on each others noses).

** Amy made some Bourbon chicken for dinner based off a new recipe that she found on Facebook. It was super yummy, I'll share that recipe later on this week! I haven't shared a recipe in forever, so it's about time now that we're settled in more.

** Friday was kind of rough for me fibro-wise, but meh. It's life. Amy spent the day while I was at work painting the hutch, two end tables, and two folding tables. Once I got home from work, to make myself feel better, I painted the kitchen table and we did a second coat on the hutch. We've decided that we need to get all of that done before our house warming party this coming Friday.

** My friend Kelli's husband threw her a Medical Retirement party last night, it was quite amusing. Lee (the boyfriend) and I went for a few hours. I showed up early (thanks Army), so I helped with dinner. I got to meet a bunch of people that she works with in our old unit, I made some new friends, and got to hang out with some Air Traffic Controllers for a while. It was definitely much needed to be around my people.

** Today Sarah and Molly girl are here to hang out. We're just hanging out around the house and Sarah and I are supposed to be discussing some photography related stuff because we are really wanting to focus on our photography this year. I did manage to get her set up in her own TN earlier today, so that was exciting.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?