"I Love" Sunday's v.81

Hello Dreamers! 

I hope this Sunday finds you very well.

** October Daily has definitely started! For which I am super stoked. I've shared some pictures on my IG account and I shared a video yesterday on my YouTube channel of my first week's flip through. I got a completely new album, which is discussed in the video, and I love it SO MUCH MORE!

** My mini pocket letter from Eny came in and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! She is super sweet and I love everything that she sent me!

** Wednesday I shared with you all a look at my first ever flip book inspired by Sam of Halloween Happy.

** My kit came in from Serena Bee and I am super stoked! I bought her stamp set from last year because I just couldn't resist. The first thing that I did? Use the stamps in my planner. I'll share a picture of this on my IG tomorrow!

** This week is the last week of my Introduction to Human Services class (it was only an 8 week class). For this I am thankful because while I like the subject matter, the teacher left something to be desired and everything was crammed into a short period of time. Tuesday was my last day in class, which is where we presented our power points about our service learning projects and Thursday was the actual last day, where we just stayed home and took our last test. I think I would have liked the class more if we had more time and a different teacher.

** Lee had 24 hour duty Wednesday but has been off since Thursday at 0900.... and doesn't go back to work until Tuesday morning. That's a lot of time off. Haha. We went out and he bought a new video game that he has been obsessed with and played non-stop.

** Since I didn't have class Thursday (just tests), Lee and I decided to go to Red Lobster because his mother sent us a $25 gift card for no reason. It was very sweet of her and the food was amazing! It was nice to have a mini date night together!

** Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina early yesterday morning and it has been one hell of an adventure. Our city wasn't quite prepared for the flooding that would happen, but that is mostly just because of the flooding from last week's storm. There were a LOT of rescues that day (around 700) and FEMA from NYPD and FDNY, NJ, OH, and Charlotte, NC came to help out, which makes my heart happy. I don't know if there were many (or any) casualties here in Fayetteville, but it is going to take us a while to recover. There are still a lot of areas that are flooded, schools are still shut down, and now we're having water problems. Fayetteville, being the military town that it is, will persevere.

The photo on the left is the two houses across the street as it started flooding. By the time it was all said and done the flooding had reached our driveway, but we got lucky that we didn't have any damage. The house on the right of that picture had sand bags in front of their garage door and the water over ran the sand bags. They didn't appear to have much damage (we went around the neighborhood today to see the damage and there wasn't much to people's homes).

The picture on the right was where the road was washed away right down the road from me. My nephew took that photo right after it happened because they heard it fall apart. It's a main road in our neighborhood so it's going to be interesting to see how this affects us in the long run. The guard rail and part of the road is now gone. The picture below is what it looked like from a better angle.

** We had my classmate Jakki and her husband over for dinner last night because they had no water and no power. We had a blast because we decided to crack open my new Cards Against Humanity box that I just bought from Target. It was hysterical and I can't wait to do it again. It was kind of hard to get all of us in the picture... that's part of Lee's face at the bottom. It's a weird photo, but I definitely kind of like it. My friend's husband always makes funny faces in pictures as you can see below.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?