"I Love" Sunday's v.82

Happy Sunday Ghouls!

Hope this Sunday finds you well!

** All schools, including my college were cancelled for this week, and Lee was home Monday due to the storm this past Saturday. He was upstairs playing video games when I came in to tell him that I gained another client and (although he doesn't look like it) he was super happy for me. I pestered him for a little while (he'd been playing video games all day) and snapped this photo.

** Tuesday saw me working on my October Daily album. I filmed a video that is posted on my YouTube channel of the latest walkthrough of my album. I think it's through day 10 as of right now (which means it's time to film another video.

** On Thursday, our friends Sarah and her family came over for dinner and just to hang out. Men's friend A was over as well, which always proves to be interesting. A is one of the best behaved and most polite teenage boys I have ever met! That evening Amy decided she finally wanted to have a fire in the backyard, which was fun!

** Friday was an incredibly busy day for us. Lee had a family organization day with his unit, which was full of games and fun and food, and obviously families were invited. Lee asked me to accompany him, and it was a nice day overall. I spent a lot of the time talking with his NCO (she used to be a flight medic with the 82nd) so we had some stuff to bond over. Haha. I really like her and I seemed to be the only significant other who talked to her without an issue (like other people seem intimidated or scared or something)

That night we had to drive 3 hours to a show, which went relatively well. The drive was long (and the drive home was kind of miserable. If my best friend from back home hadn't called me just to talk for 2.5 hours, I probably would've had to pull over and sleep on the side of the road). Haha.

The last good news of Friday? Lee's new kit came in before we left for the show, so we got to take it with us for him to play. It's a gorgeous ebony stain, with a much larger bass drum then he usually uses, so it's sound is ridiculous! I mean that in a good way! In some lights it looks dark purple!

** Yesterday was a kind of busy but still relaxed day. The whole reason that we drove home from the show instead of just staying the night like everyone else was because he had to work Saturday night and we needed to get some stuff before he had to go to work (like his dress shoes and a belt). So we spent the morning running errands before he had to be at work at 1 PM. We've been together almost a year now, which makes us both happy.

** Today was a good day! This morning we went to the NC State Fair (Brandon left his wallet in my bag on Friday night and I needed to get my camera back from them as well) so we met there. While we waited for them to get there we walked around the entire fair and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

We saw this MASSIVE pumpkin on display, it won first place. It weighed 1,090.5 lbs.... that is ridiculous to me!!!! Does anyone else think that it looks like two pumpkins that grew together into a single pumpkin?

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?