There's No Address In The Stars

"I stumbled across your old picture today

I could barely breathe

The moment stopped me cold

Grabbed me like a thief"

Zack Shannon

You would have been 25 years old today, just a few days older then me. I found this in my photos today and it both made me want to smile and cry at the same time. This one is old, circa 2007.

Looking back now, we would have never imagined that life would turn out this way. I wanted to go see you Wednesday, but other plans got in the way. I'll see you on my Christmas trip. I know you're watching over us all, and your family is always in my thoughts.

I miss you so much brother. It never gets easier. 

For all my fellow dreamers out there: hug your family extra tight today, give them extra love and enjoy the little things. You never know when they won't be there tomorrow. This is one amazing soul that was gone much too soon, but he died doing what he loved most, flying in a helicopter and fighting for his beloved country.

Song: "Address In The Stars" Caitlin and Will