Working The Haunted House

Hello Dreamers

Happy Saturday! I hope this post finds you well!

So yesterday was a super busy day for Lee and I, which only sucked because we're exhausted after this week. It's been busy and chaotic and he's been working 15 hour days. I really don't miss that part of the military life, I really don't.

Last night was the Haunted House for Lee's work, and while I was originally just there to help set up, I ended up becoming part of the cast for the event. Since it's a haunted house created by medics, of course there were lots of blood and body parts.

I wish I had gotten some more pictures of the event, but since I was in it, I forgot to ask someone to take a picture of where I was at. I showed up in all black and I let Lee cover my arms in blood. I was laying on an Army stretcher (does anyone else know how uncomfortable those things are?) covered with a bloody sheet. People thought I was a mannequin and once they got close enough to me (if they saw me at all) I reached out and groaned, moaned, or yelled while grabbing their ankle or grabbing at them. Needless to say, I scared the hell out of quite a few people, which made me laugh.

Please excuse my terrible hair..... I don't know what was going on with it. 

We were set up in their locker room area, which helped lead people throughout the whole thing. We had to wait for it to get all dark because not all of the lights would turn off for some reason. I think they were on a time delay because eventually (about 30 minutes into the event) all of the overhead lights turned off and it made it incredibly spooky. 

Lee was being chased around by Josh (our bassist who was some creepy butcher looking dude) and he would scream for help and what not. Unfortunately I didn't get to see him because I was more towards the beginning then he was so he was on a different set of lockers. I was paired with one of the daughters of his boss (who was incredibly creepy) so her and I had a lot of fun. I almost got kicked in the head at one point because I scared one girl so bad, another girl yelled at me for about 5 minutes (which just made me laugh harder), and it was just ridiculous. 

Overall the night went really well and apparently we were the scariest of all three houses at the event. We literally set everything up and finalized the plan for everything yesterday afternoon before everyone went home to get ready. For being slightly improvised, it went really well! I was pretty glad that they wanted me to help out because I rather enjoyed it. 

I know that it's hard to see, but Lee is standing right over my shoulder.

The little girl in white and the clown freaked everyone out. The little girl was screaming bloody murder (which helped with the house) but good lord she was creepy.

After that it was time for the Halloween party back home, which didn't last long. There was only one person that showed up for me and that's just because she was at the haunted house with us. Lee and I didn't stay downstairs long for it, he wanted to go play his new Battlefield game (he got it the night before the rest of the pre-order's did for some reason, so he's been playing it whenever he can).

Everyone that dressed up at the Halloween party including all the children. Lee didn't dress up because he was exhausted, but I put on my Gender-bent Jack suit for a little while, including the wig that my best friend sent me via priority mail just for this event. I didn't have makeup on because I had just taken a shower, that is reserved for Halloween night itself.

Thanks for stopping by!

Gotta go get ready for a show tonight. This is a new venue for us, so this should be fun.