Week In The Life 2017: Next

Last week, I shared the last day of my Week In The Like 2017 photo documentation. Today I wanted to share my wrap-up thoughts and then move on to the next step.

I won't lie, I am also kind of happy that this part of the project is done. I am proud of myself for remembering to take so many photos throughout the week but at the same time there are so many more that I wanted to take and told myself that I needed to take. I'll make notes for next year and hopefully remember.

Like I said though, I am PROUD of myself for getting this far! This is farther than I got last year! I forgot to take photos last year and I don't even remember why (I am sure my planner will tell me what happened last year).

The next step for me is to print out all the photos, than compile all the journaling. I am thinking this year that I might follow in Ali's foot steps and put all my journaling in the beginning followed by the photos. Make it as easy on myself as possible.

I haven't had much crafting motivation, but this project combined with reviewing the Story Kit videos from previous kits have given me a little bit of motivation. Now, I just need to finish everything else. Hopefully I'll get that done here in the coming weeks and have another post (and process video) for you. 

Until next time,