Halloween Card Series 2017: Card #1 Trick Or Treat

Hello Dearest Dreamers!

Happy Saturday! I hope that you are having a great day! Lee had a show with Blacktop Mojo last night as well as our friends Nowhere's Home. It was a great show and I was excited to be able to sit in on an interview with Blacktop Mojo and my girl Tiffany from Angel-Phoenix Magazine (that's the magazine that I work with). 

Today I wanted to share with you the first card in my Halloween card series for 2017. I realize that it's only the beginning of September, but as you might know, Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. Also, there are two back to back weddings at the end of October AND I will be on my honeymoon in Disney at the end of the month as well. So that means I got a jumpstart on my holiday crafting.

Let's just be thankful that I waited this long! I could be sharing stuff all year round (and maybe I will share random holiday themed cards in the future).

Halloween Card Series 2017 Card 1

If you saw my post this past Monday, you will notice that this is a similar layout to my "You're Dino-Mite" card. That would be because I made this card first and it inspired me to make the dinosaur card because I liked the layout... and it was incredibly easy to make!

I was inspired by a video that Kelly from Lawn Fawn made with this particular layout. Click that link to watch her video!

If you want to know more about my card, make sure you check out my video over on my YouTube channel. 

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