December Daily: Day 1

Hello dearest Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well!

I know that we're a couple days into December and I am already a little bit behind in sharing my album with you all. As soon as I get this weekend done in the album where will be a video walkthrough shared on my YouTube channel.

Today I did something completely new (to me). I did a process video of how I set up Day 1 in my album. I'm actually kind of impressed with myself that it went as well as it did. I know that I need to work on keeping everything in frame, and I think that I have a way to fix that for the next video.

Here is a look at my still shots and I'll share the video below.

On the 1st of December, Lee's unit held the Saint Barbara's Ball for their artillery Brigade (or is it called a Battery? I am not really sure at the moment. I know something in their structure is different then my units.... I can't remember which). 

The Diary of A Dreamer - December Daily Day 1

I used the Wishing You Christmas Cheer from A Pretty Presets Christmas stamp set. I am not sure where I got it though.... it's been in my archives for a while. The photo is actually black and white, but my lighting made everything look a little more sepia in this one. 

I used some white embossing powder on the wood veneer 1 that came in the 2014 December Daily Kit from Ali Edwards and just adhered it with some redline tape.

The Diary of A Dreamer - December Daily Day 1

This is another 6X8 that I put on the back of the first one. This was a couple of trees staged outside of the event room and I couldn't help but take a photo. The "Oh Christmas Tree" is a digital stamp from the Storytelling With December Daily class from Ali Edwards. ((P.s. This is the second year that I have taken that class and I LOVE it! I also highly recommend it to anyone who might struggle with doing a December Daily). 

The Diary of A Dreamer - December Daily Day 1
The Diary of A Dreamer - December Daily Day 1

Next I included the pamphlet from the event and behind that was a 5X7 photo that we ordered from the professional photographer. I ordered the digital print from them so I could use it however I wanted (mostly because I know that I wanted to include it in my December Daily). 

The Diary of A Dreamer - December Daily Day 1

One of Lee's NCO's was super excited to do my hair and I definitely needed the help. I think she did a wonderful job!

The second picture is one I took in the car on the way back onto base. It's my hair done and my make up all done.

"The details" card came from the Paislee Press mini kit from this year and that is where I wrote my journaling about some of my thoughts of the event. I used a Slick Writer Pen that I bought from Hobby Lobby as suggested by one of the crafters I follow on YouTube (sadly I can't remember who it was).

The Diary of A Dreamer - December Daily 1
The Diary of A Dreamer - December Daily Day 1

These next two photos are of the same spread. The right one has the flip up as it normally lays in the album and the right photo is showing you what is underneath that card.

The first photo is one that the NCO that did my hair took before the ball. I love having these pictures of Lee and I, and although my friend Sarah couldn't take professional photos for me (we didn't have time), I've learned as a memory keeper to appreciate the photos that I do have.

The second 3X4 is a flip-up card like I mentioned. The card itself came from one of the December Daily kits (I don't know if it's from 2014, 2015, or 2016). I used the gold star washi from last year's main kit and a slick writer pen to write my quick journaling. I used the Story Stamp Set and the Kelly Perky Set from December Daily this year to decorate the front of that card.

Underneath that card is the professional photo taken of our whole group. His NCO is the one sitting on the small canon, and the woman behind her and I are trying to keep the canon stable (it was moving). This group was a riot and I am so glad that we spent the evening with them all. 

The photo under that in the page protector is just one that I asked one of our friends to take in front of the trees from the large 6X8 photo from earlier. The only thing I really added to the photo was a wood veneer heart that I heat embossed with some white embossing powder. Sadly I don't know the brand because I got it sometime last year around Christmas and it's in a little tub from the Dollar Store. 

The 4X6 at the bottom is the page protector is just a selfie that I took of Lee and I after dinner. The only embellishment on the photo is a little Love Banner that I got from the Me & My Big Ideas Pocket Pages clear sticker sheets. 

Below I've included the video from my YouTube channel. This is the first time I have done a voiceover or used music in my video, so I hope that it turned out alright. There are some spots of the video where I am a little bit off camera, and that is something to work on for next time.

Let me know what you guys think!

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