December Daily: days 2-4

Hey Dearest Dreamers!

I hope this Wednesday finds you well!

It's crazy to think that we're almost at the halfway mark of December, and that Christmas is almost here. Lee goes on leave next Monday and then just a few days after that we drive to Virginia to see his parents. We have a lot of traveling to do this month, between his parents and mine, and it's a little crazy to think about!

Today I wanted to share days 2-4 of my December Daily with you guys. There will also be a video at the end of the post for those of you who aren't following me on YouTube (although you really should! I have a lot of crafting videos there that you might be interested in, and next year I will be sharing my 2017 weekly Project Life layouts there as well!

I feel like I am finally starting to get the hang of making process videos (but we'll see). The hardest part is making sure I stay on camera and getting the voice over recorded (I do so love my new microphone which is talked about in the next video - which should be up tomorrow or Friday.) 

The start of day 2 is very simple... and VERY red.... It's all about the Starbucks Holiday Cup collection from this year. There are so many awesome cups and I want them all (mostly just so I can add them throughout this album).

I created that date card of the top left. It is part of my new 3X4 digital title cards that will be coming to my new shop here soon (I just need to photograph them first). They come with the number and December and the line underneath and the very bottom is blank for people to write in their own titles. Nice and simple. More on that to come later this week. I just added some red and white washi tape from my stash and some light blue rhinestones from Recollections.

Next to that I have a Starbucks cup that was cut into a tag and adhered to another one on the back. I used some black and white bakers twine at the top and a Studio Calico tiny word sticker to finish it off. Unfortunately this still has been in my stash since 2014 and I don't remember what kit those word stickers came in. It was probably one of the monthly kits that are no longer available. The black rhinestones are from Recollections as well. 

The bottom photo is just one I took from Google with all of the different designs on there. I am thinking about printing out the stories that go with each cup and tucking them in behind that photo (the designers are from all over the world and that is AWESOME) we'll see if I get that done before the end of the year....

The back of day 2 is also simple (that seems to be my theme this year.... and I am okay with that!)

That tag is just the back of the other Starbucks cup tag from the other photo. 

The photo on the right is of a bear that you can purchase from the store. I bought the one with a green apron to commemorate my time as a partner. I pinned the pins from my visor onto his little apron. I think he's adorable and a nice keepsake from my time at that store.

The bottom card is something that I made. The "Story of Today" digital stamp is part of the Storytelling With December Daily digital files (please note that the class isn't available anymore. Check back next November if you're interested in the class). I used a little red tree from a Jolie's Boutique sticker set from Michaels, added some silver washi tape with stars on it, some silver gemstones, and we are done.

I cut a hole in the sleeve to the right so I could add it into my album.

Day 3 is another simple day.

The top left photo is of my friend's daughter Molly. She is trying to steal my roommate's cup (she's old enough to drink out of cups now). I just did a little journaling in my slick writer pen (after I found it) about what I just told you. The "Joyful" sticker is from a Recollections sticker set.

The top right photo is me fluffing the tree. For some reason my roommate and our friend both hate fluffing the tree, so for the second year in a row that duty has fallen to me. My roommate will decorate the tree, but I have to fluff it. The "Deck the Halls" sticker is from that same sticker set as the "Joyful" one as well. That silver star is in my stash, not sure where it came from, probably Michael's though.

The tree photo is just simple. I didn't want to embellish a lot of it to take away from the ornaments on the tree. I just added another silver star.

The journaling card came from the Paislee Press Mini Kit from this year. The number 3 is from a Numbers sticker set (originally gold but spray painted black). I did my journaling using my slick writer pen (when I finally found it). I used a red and two blue stars from my stash. The red "decorating" stamp came from the Storytelling With December Daily physical stamp set (which you can only get if you take the class).

Day 4 is the last day for this post. It was incredibly simple because most of the work was done in Photoshop. 

This day was spent working on the Hybrid Class from Ali Edwards. I used one of her templates to create my journaling photo card.

The number card is part of the second set of number cards I've created, this one covered in snow. I just used a simple blue snowflake from Michaels to dress it up a little bit.

The bottom left card is a digital card from the Hybrid Class that I really liked. I didn't think that it needed any embellishing, so I left it alone. I love Ali's handwriting. I just need to learn how to do this....

The last card (the tree one) is just a filler card from one of the previous years kit's (although I am not sure which one). I didn't embellish that one either.

Welp, there you have it. There is the overview of my spreads for this post. Check out the video below. :D

Thanks for stopping by!

If you're doing your own December Daily, leave a link to your blog or your YouTube channel so I can check it out!