Happy Angel Birthday

Today is the second angel birthday of a dear friend of mine
His name is Zack Shannon
We went to high school together
We were in JROTC together (the picture above)
We enlisted in the US Army together
He died in March 2013.

He was a very dear friend of mine and the city we were from was rocked
They pulled together so amazingly in support of Zack for all of his family
They drove his remains down from the local Air Force Base, through our town, and finally to his resting place in the cemetery he wished to be buried in.

Sometimes people are taken from this world entirely too soon, and we all struggle how to cope. Zack was not the first in his family to join the military, and I highly doubt he will be the last. He wanted nothing more then to serve in the military like the Shannon's before him. 
I deployed about a year before he did, and everyone who deploys, or has family that deploys, and we all know that there is always a chance that we might not make it home. There are various reasons for this, accidents or intentional deaths... but there is always a slight chance that it's possible. It's a tough choice to make, but we all do it for what we believe in. 
It broke my heart the day I got the news that Zack wouldn't be coming home and the world lost another great person, that another person had joined the ranks of fallen Soldiers before him.

He's only been gone a year and a half or so, but this is his second Angel birthday.
I am not a very religious person, but we (as Soldiers) always feel that our fallen brothers and sisters are watching over us. 
His mother and I still keep in touch, I went to his grave last year when I was home in July, and I will be going again when I go home for Christmas.
His family is always in my thoughts
and he is missed all the time.

Happy Birthday Zack.
We love you
We miss you
We know you're watching over us
We'll see you again brother