I hate medical appointments

Hello friends. Hope this finds you well.

I've been working on the blog, I even created an editorial calendar, and have been trying to decide how I want to proceed with the blog after the layout changes. There has been a lot going on in my life recently and I figured that since my best way of dealing with things is to write about them, this blog would be a good place to do that. If you don't want to listen to me ramble, then please ignore this post.


This medical problem has been going on since 2010, when my knee first started acting a fool. In the Army, you have to go through a series of actions that take a lot of time and kind of make me want me to pull my hair out. I was on temporary profiles on and off for two years, then finally was given a permanent profile. I've tried physical therapy three separate times. They won't do surgery on me because they don't think it will help. I've had MRI's and X-Rays done. I've even let them stick a needle in my knee cap, which by the way was one of the most uncomfortable experiences in my life and I advise against it if possible. Apparently it hurts less when they aren't sticking the needle into a joint.

So like I said, last Wednesday I went to the Ortho Specialist yet again, where he gave me a cane, and recommended me for an MEB. On the 25th, I went to talk to my flight surgeon. She made sure that I no longer work in the tower, which means no hostile work environment, no more stairs, and no more sitting around in the back of the tower cab doing nothing. She gave me some new medication, set up an appointment and the behavioral health specialist for insomnia, anxiety, and PTSD, and labs to rule out medical conditions. I find it interesting that behavioral health has a bad reputation, it sounds bad.... like it's for mental problems, but I don't think that is the case. The Army strongly advocates behavioral health, mental health, and getting help with PTSD.

I've had anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD since my deployment. Something I've been very aware of but not able to deal with because of my job. Being Air Traffic Control, you can't have any medical problems, you can't take most medication, and continue to do that job. So I've dealt with the pain, the anxiety, and the insomnia so I can continue to do my job. Now that I am permanently grounded and can't do ATC anymore, I can finally get the medical help I need, since it's been effecting every aspect of my life.

I now work in the team operations office, last Thursday was my first day. It was... AWESOME! Part of me really likes being at a desk, I considered reclassing to 42A, I forget their technical name, but basically they are responsible for their unit's paperwork. It's kind of what I did after I came home from deployment because we didn't have an operations clerk. I liked taking care of my Soldiers. It was my responsibility to make sure all their paperwork was complete and processed within a timely manner. Now I'm responsible for signing out equipment and answering phones. Just hanging out and killing time. I can't reclass though because I am non-deployable, and therefor no longer useful to the Army.

Thursday I had labs done, I absolutely hate getting blood drawn... probably because I am partially anemic. Thankfully these were not fasting labs, because I really don't handle those well. The medic was pretty cool, we talked the whole time to help keep me occupied. It was pretty quick and relatively painless. I still have a teeny tiny bruise where I was poked, I can't wait for it to go away.

I've started the MEB process last Wednesday as well. I had to drive an hour away to get an MEB counseling and get paperwork for the rest of the process. I have another appointment this coming Wednesday for more briefings. I have to go to Fort Eustis, Virginia in June for a two week appointment to work on my case with the VA. It should be an adventure.... please note the slight sarcasm in that statement....

Monday was my appointment at Behavioral Health. It went way better then I expected. Apparently I'm not crazy (hahahaha), the anxiety and insomnia are normal. We're going to have more appointments and work through it all. I've been referred to another specialist for the insomnia. There are too many damn appointments for me to keep up with!!!!

Now I also have to go to a Neurology appointment, get an MRI on my back, and to see a Rheumatologist as well. So that's another trip to Landstuhl for me. -.-' I hate those trips because they take so long, almost an entire day. Oh well.... hopefully it will help me figure out what is wrong with me.

That's probably the hardest part. Not knowing what is wrong with me. Or what causes it. Especially because they can't find things on the X-Rays or MRI's of my knee anymore. On Monday I went to an appointment to get inserts for my boots. It was kind of weird because I had to stand in this weird foam that molded to my feet and it kept it's new shape. I get to pick them up next Monday.


So Mo is having surgery this Wednesday, but luckily I will be able to get on the computer more this weekend. We'll be confined to the house, so when he's napping, I can get things handled. I'll need something to keep me occupied anyway and not stressing.