"I Love" Sunday's v.23

Hello dear friends. I hope this post finds you well.

Things have been kind of quiet around here this week, I haven't posted much for me, which is kind of weird. Pretty much all my social media has been quiet. There is some stuff going on in my life that has kind of taken precedence and I am not quite sure how to even talk about it all. But here are some things that I can share with you. :)

It's a good thing that we can schedule posts on blogs now. I have spent this weekend unplugged from social media.

On to what I am loving from this past week::

** So, after an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday, I no longer work in the air traffic control tower. I now work at the operations building due to the fact that if there was a fire, I would have issues getting down the 5 flights of stairs. This is good news partially due to the lack of stairs as well as the fact that I no longer work with certain people and there is no longer a hostile work environment for me.

** Subsequently I also have new medication that the doctor hopes helps with the pain and the headaches. I have appointments with specialists for my back as well as someone else to rule possible conditions out. I also have an appointment with a behavioral health lady (I worked with her on Relay for Life last year) to talk about the anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD from deployment.

** I had my first appointment for my MEB process today, an initial counseling to discuss what is going to happen from here. She was super sweet, explained everything in detail, and even gave me copies of all the paperwork so I have it for myself. My next appointment for that is next Wednesday to meet my PEBLO (Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer), who will be the person to help me through this entire process.

**  American Netflix is now allowed in Germany, which makes me beyond happy because I don't have a tv box, so I get caught up through things like Netflix, Hulu, and some other streaming websites.

** I resubscibed to Studio Calico and my new SC kit came in on Thursday. It included Odyssey kit, Color Theory Red Kit, and the Details mini book.

** The best news I got was on Wednesday afternoon. I no longer work in the Tower! No more hostile work environment, no more stairs, and no more sitting in the back of the tower doing absolutely nothing all day. No more being treated like a child either. I am a big girl at work, being left alone to handle my shit on my own, just gotta tell the NCO where I am going. It's beautiful. I got to pick when I came into work, so I chose 0800-1600.

** I received my package of handmade dolls from an awesome crafter named Alexz from Spooky Pooky Creations. They are super awesome! She handmade a set of Phantom of the Opera dolls. She is also the person who made my Zombie Yeti. She is starting a kickstarter soon for a new type of Yeti and I can't wait to support her!

** I started using the Collect App on my iPhone. This has been awesome because I have a reminder set every day at 1800 to take a picture of something in my life. It forces me to document at least one thing every day. This is great for my documenting Project Life. If you don't have it, you should look into it! I LOVE IT.

** I was working on editing some of my photographs from previous work events and actually found some that I really LOVE! I love photographs that tell a story. And ones of our aircraft in motion. You can find my photographs at my Facebook Page. I need to start sharing them more here too! And taking photographs for this blog. 

.: Little Loves:.
|| Nutter Butter Bars | Sweet Tea | Documenting Life | Chicken Nuggets from the German economy | German coke | Plans for the weekends | Sprite & Grenadine | Photography ||

What are you loving from this past week?

Be on the lookout this coming week for some post updates as to what is going on in my neck of the world. Just trying to figure out how to get it all out into words.