"I Love" Sunday's v.42

Hello friends!
Happy Sunday! Hope you're all having a good day!

** I spent the entire week opening my shop, so it meant that I got out of work early (the latest was 2pm) and I kind of like it. I hate that I had to be up at 0600.... but I don't mind being out of work shortly around lunch time!

** Wednesday was my day off, which was nice. Started out crappy, but it slowly got better. I took a framing class and learned how to frame pictures. Now I can frame pictures on my own at a reduced rate (not as cheap as the $30 class I took), but it's cheaper then paying the shop to frame the picture for me. After that, I drove to Vilseck to pick up a friend of mine for dinner. You've seen CC around the blog, he's been a friend of mine since I came home from deployment in 2012.

** I was literally in Graf Wednesday thru Friday evening, seeing someone different each night. Thursday night I went up to see a friend of mine from my MEB group. He's out of the Army at the start of October, so we wanted to get together and hang out before he leaves. All we really did was have dinner at the food court and then stand in the parking lot talking for like another hour.

Same friend, just when we were at Fort Eustis, VA.
After dinner one night him, another friend, and I walked around a shopping complex waiting ffor our group to be done (they ate at another place), so we wandered into a pet store. He got to play with a ferret)

** One of my good friends from high school is at a base near me, so I went up and saw him Friday night. Took K with me, which was entertaining because she doesn't open up well to strangers (except for me apparently). K gets really quite around NCO's, and it's even worse around officers.... well... my buddy happens to be a 2nd Luietenant in the Army.... so I warned her in case he was in uniform when we picked him up, or it came up in conversation.... thankfully they got along and she actually talked to him after about an hour. We then ended up in a parking lot for 2.5 hours just talking (this happens often in my life), which was hysterical!!!

** Drove to Ramstein yesterday to take K to the big BX (Base Exchange), see a holiday bazaar, and then go hang out with my friend Cree (her blog) and some other ladies at a Pure Romance party. K and I had never been to a party like that... and I just wanted to see my friend Cree. We had an interesting night. The drive back today was really uneventful. Exhausting.... but uneventful. At the BX, I got some new Halloween toys and a kit for a traveling art kit (thanks o YouTube videos I watched) I really can't wait for Halloween to get here! I love the whole month leading up to the holiday!!

** This weekend (starting yesterday through Tuesday) is a four day weekend off work thanks to missing  a holiday last month. Then I work from 0730-1100 on Wednesday.... and then I have another 4 days off of work (It's the Falcon Team Octoberfest 4 day). If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I don't always get a lot of time off.... but it's nice when we do. 

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What are you loving from this past week?