December Daily 2015: Intro and thoughts

Hello dearest friends!
I hope this post finds you well!

Tomorrow starts the last month of the year, and yet another project for me (and most of the scrapbooking community!) Tomorrow starts December Daily 2015! You can check out Ali Edwards introduction to the project here and the rest of her posts about it all here.

This year I am doing the project just like I did my October Daily, in an insert for my TN and paired with my December Plan Book. I decided that this was going to be the way I did it, instead of a regular DD album, partially because I really enjoyed how my October Daily turned out, and partially because I will be back in the States but I won't have all of my stuff yet back from the movers. Carrying around a 6X8 album and supplies would be difficult and take up too much room in my luggage. I packed the minimal amount of supplies in my luggage for the project. I know I can always buy more stuff once I get home, and I will probably buy some more things once I get to see a real craft store, but I really liked how my October Daily turned out and wanted to give it another try!

This project starts tomorrow!

Here are some pictures from my album

This is the cover of my insert. It is a regular Moleskine lined insert that I covered with some snowflake scrapbooking paper, silver washi to cover the spine, and then some silver star washi to cover the side that opens on the book.

This is what you see when you first open up the insert. I have taped a calendar on the inside cover that I bought online. I have been trying to figure out where the calendar came from, but I can't find it in my email history. I will keep looking and when I know, I shall share it with you guys.

This is my own version of the washi tape tree. The star and December pieces as well as the Magic stamp are all from last years Ali Edwards December Daily Kit.

The next page is My Reason Why followed by the front of a Christmas card that I was using as a divider type thing. I need to add some more decorations to My Reason Why page, but I at least wanted to get my reason for this project written out and finished.

Will you be participating in the project? If so, let me know! I would love to see pictures or videos of your project as you complete it!