"I Love" Sundays v.49

Hello friends!
Hope today finds you well!

** Today is my first full day back home in the States! I officially flew home yesterday. My friend Amy picked me up from the airport and I am staying with her until I can find my own place. Hopefully this won't take very long! As much as I love her, I am super ready to have my own space. I do miss my friends already though... I am spending the day with her 12 year old son hanging out watching The Flash cuz she has to work. Mem reminds me of my younger brother sometimes, so it's rather amusing. He didn't used to talk to me this much when I lived here a few years ago, but I guess it helps that it's just me and his mom now, there isn't stepfamily here to get in the way.

I can't wait to see some friends this week. 

** On Wednesday I got my Retirement flag, a certificate of appreciation for my service, my ETS plaque, and my ETS award (my first Army Achievement Medal.... the lowest award you can get.... but that's a different story). I made the plaque myself. All I am missing is the Retirement Certificate, which they said that they are going to mail to me.

** On Thursday (see this post) I spent Thanksgiving with my usual group. I got to take a lot of photos. We also watched the Minion movie. I am thankful for one last get together of everyone in my group! I will definitely miss the heck out of them. However, this isn't "good-bye" but just "see you later". I'll make it a point to see them all again soon.

I managed to get this little gem on Thursday of C and his week old daughter
This is how he tells if she is hungry, if she tries to eat his nose.
Super adorable!!!
** Thursday and Friday saw me filming and editing the rest of my October Daily 2015 series. It takes forever to get these videos posted, but at least they are done. Make sure you check out the corresponding blog posts (the posts are a little back dated, but find me on YouTube and the links are on each week's video). Hopefully the last of the videos will be posted today.

** My truck was accepted for shipping Friday, which was pretty much the last thing on my list of things to do. That was kind of a nightmare! Simply because no one told me to clean my engine block originally (which is why it was denied the first time) and they wanted me to clean places I can't even reach (it took a lot of pressure washing and cleaning wipes to get it all gone). I almost did a happy dance when he told me it was good!

.: Little Loves :.
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What are you loving from this week?