"I Love" Sundays v.61

Hello dearest friends!

This has been kind of an exciting (but super long week)

** Monday found me cracking open the Harry Potter coloring book that I bought some time ago while Amy took a nap on the couch and I colored my first page. I didn't want to do any of the more complicated pages just yet because I was incredibly tired, so I started with the Gryffindor crest. Slytherin is next!

** Also on Monday, while I was at work, this lovely lady below came into my store and told me "This may sound weird, but I follow you on Instagram. I knew you worked at Starbucks but I didn't put two and two together that you worked at THIS Starbucks." It made my day to have met this lovely lady. You can follow her on IG here! ((I need to take a better picture next time, but I was at work and I wasn't supposed to have my phone out but I wanted a picture with this gorgeous and sweet girl))

** Tuesday was an incredibly long day for me. I took a coworkers shift because she didn't have someone to watch her young son, so I worked for 11.5 hours. I was exhausted, closing two days in a row and then such a long day on the second day. Thankfully, I closed with a great group of people, and the guy that I talked about last Sunday visited me during my dinner break. It was sweet.

** Speaking of my work. Some of the regulars have started to learn my name (I've been working the front counter a lot lately) and thankfully all have patience with me when I need help figuring out what a "Black Eye" or a "Dirty Chai" is ((can you tell that I really don't drink much coffee?)) The other upside is that I have started to learn some of their names! This makes me happy!!!

** Thursday had me running into an old NCO of mine from when I was stationed here back 2011-2014. He was a super awesome guy and we almost literally ran into each other in the food court at the mini mall! I am going to meet him at his work tomorrow to help him with his VA packet because he is retiring soon. 

** I found Kara of Boho Berry sometime this week and was kind of hooked on her style of bullet journaling. I LOVE the way that she does it! She is so creative and talented and she makes her bujo more then just a simple to do list! I love her handwriting and she has inspired me with some new collections to add to my scrap-journal! 

** Friday was a super busy but successful day for me and my little McNaugle family! Amy and I decided that we were going to get our hair done (I needed a new dye job because the blonde and brown was starting to show through again and I wanted to do something different) so this is what I did! I also had her curl my hair when she was done dying and highlighting it! I love how it turned out. It didn't stay curled for very long, but I just love the color - it's red with copper highlights. The bottom looks more reddish brown, but that's ok.

** On Friday we also got the keys to our new house! Like I told you guys in this post! Make sure you check that one out!!!

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?