December Daily 2017 || Days 7-9

Happy Friday Dearest Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well. It's been a crazy busy week here in the Hutt household and it isn't over yet. I'm behind on sharing my pages but that's because I haven't had a lot of time for filming videos and voice overs. 

We've got a show tonight that the magazine I work for is putting on (and Lee is playing in) so that has taken up a lot of my time this week. I'm excited for tonight because it's our Magazine's official Launch Party! We are a Rock music magazine that shares local music from within our state. We decided to put on a show tonight comprised of only local bands, with a few special announcements towards the end. I can't share those yet, but I will put a link to the announcement tomorrow if you're even remotely interested.

Onto what you actually came here for: December Daily Photos! There are actually quite a few photos this go around, but that's because my spreads might be a bit bigger or more involved (even though they are pretty simple)

DD2017 Day 7a
DD2017: Day 7b

Day 7 starts out relatively simple. I did most of the work in Photoshop based on a template that Pam Baldwin shared in her lesson of the Product Play class. If you haven't taken that class and are struggling with ideas for your DD.... I highly recommend it. I don't get any compensation for saying that, I just really enjoy Ali's classes and recommend them whenever I can.

The Story of this Tree is a digital stamp from the Storytelling with December Daily class that I took last year (another class I HIGHLY recommend). I did my journaling next to it and on the inside flap I added a digital stamp from my stash and wrote underneath it 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree". 

We actually decorated our tree on Black Friday but I decided to hold onto this story until a day that I didn't have anything to share and use it then. Because I do weekly Project Life while doing DD, I want to try to keep my DD strictly holiday related stories if possible (which is going to be super hard to do tonight because this isn't a holiday show)

The picture on the outside flap was printed at 4" X 7.25" and just adhered to the flap. I added a cork number and the small felt heart from Ali's Main Kit this year and the chipboard piece from the December Circles chipboard set. The green tree paperclip is just something I found at Michaels.

DD2017: Day 7c

The photo on the back of Day 7 is a bigger photo of our Christmas tree lit up at night. I turned off all the lights in the den outside of the tree and snapped a quick photo. I printed this approximately 7 inches wide by 7.25 inches tall to fill the backside of the page and just adhered it with my tape runner.

The word phrase stickers and the little tree are both a part of the Felicity Jane "Joy" kit for the month of December. Simple, but lovely!

DD2017: Day 8a
DD2017: Day 8b

Day 8 was all about the Ornament decorating party that turned into just a regular holiday party that my husband and I hosted at our house.

The green "Eat, Drink, and be Merry" card is from Ali's Main Kit, The "Let's Make Merry" journaling card is from LarkinDecember, and the 8 chipboard number is from Ali's website. I heat embossed it with some little dots and Recollections Rose Gold embossing powder I got at Michaels. 

The backside of this spread is incredibly simple. It's a picture of my niece being silly in her uncle's game chair and the red card 3X4 and the 4X6 Holly cards are both from Jasmine Jones.

DD2017: Day 9a

Day 9 is the biggest spread I have done so far I think. It's nothing big really, but mostly photos. The top photo is of my niece playing in a box on her mom's bed. She was being super silly and I managed to get a photo ("No photo momma!" "Can you smile for Aunt Jenn?" This is what I got)

The Santa Clause card to the right is from my Merry Everything Mini Kit and is all about our trip to see Santa that day.

The bottom photo makes me giggle. Baby Girl was bothering her mother and I while we were making cookies so her father decided to lay on the floor and let her use him as a chair while she watched Paw Patrol. I dunno that he even knows I took this (her mom knows). I just added the word "nine" from the Felicity Jane Joy Alphabet.

DD2017: Day 9b

This is just a closer look at my Santa card.

DD2017: Day 9c

The top left photo is the Santa photo from the day. I just added a phrase sticker from the Week In The Life phrase sticker set (sold out) and a blue chipboard heart from my stash.

The picture to the right of that is of the chocolate covered pretzels that we made that are covered with crushed peppermints.

The bottom photo is of Sarah cutting out cookie shapes while talking with our friend Kyra. I stamped "December Memories" from the December Circles stamp set (sold out) from Ali Edwards using silver embossing powder and cut it out using a small circle punch.

DD2017 Day 9d
DD2017 Day 9e

These are the last two spreads for Day 9. 

The top left photo is just a shot of the pretzels while they were cooling. I used the negative space on the table to type out my journaling in Photoshop.

The bottom left photo was taken using the timer on my camera while I cut out cookies. I didn't mean for it to be all my hand, but I kind of like the photo and it's how I got myself into the picture. 

The top right photo is a look at our finished cookies with chocolate drizzle on them. I embellished with two blue stickers from the Week In The Life phrase stickers (sold out) and a white sticker from Felicity Jane. And that is it for these spreads.

If you want to watch the process video for these you can find it right below here. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog post about my December Daily 2017 days 7-9. I should have another video up here in a day or two for the next set of days!

Until next time!

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