One Little Word 2018 ||

Hello Dearest Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well. I can't believe that the month of December and 2017 are almost over already. Where did the year (and month) go? It's like a blink and a lot of time passes. 

Which is the beauty of memory keeping... we get to document those moments and look back. I always feel like I haven't done much throughout the months but then I look back at my scrapbooks and can see that I did more than I realized.

If you've been a fan of Ali Edwards for any length of time, you'll know that she hosts a year long class called One Little Word. You can read more about it at that length, but basically, the class where you choose one word to help guide you throughout the coming year.

I started in last year with my first word, Joy. I am not entirely sure why I didn't complete the project (in my eyes) but it was a crazy year. For a large part of the year memory keeping wasn't what it is now for me and I think that played a huge part in it. I am thinking I might revisit Joy at another time and give it another try.

This year, my word was Try. I signed up for the class again this year but the only supplies I ordered was the binder. I did mostly digital this year (especially after taking Ali's Hybrid class). I fell off the wagon for a few months but I managed to get caught up in the beginning of December (minus one prompt I still need to do). That was when/how I realized that TRY was perfect for me because I LIVED that word so much throughout the year.

For 2018, my word is MAKE.

DOAD 2018 OLW- Make Mind Map

I started out by making a little mind map in my 2018 bullet journal to help keep my word present in my life. I wrote out several categories that go along with Make ( A Happy Marriage, Digital Products, Healthier Choices, Happiness, A Living, Crafts, and Friends) and within each category, I wrote a couple of things that would apply. I plan to work on some of the prompts within my bullet journal and help keep track of how my word appeared throughout the year.

I also added a phrase that I found on Pinterest that I felt applied here (and even used my word).

I am excited and motivated for this project and cannot wait to see where this word takes me throughout the new year!

Do you have a word for 2018?

Until next time!

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